Study 01 | GRAPHIC: 
A reference to the Lorenz system graph, an equation marked with chaotic solutions which is closely related to chaos theory. Everything may seem random at first glance, but is interconnected in someway, like in creating the round shape in this design.
Study 02 | SWISS: 
A study on chaotic yet organized type on a grid structure, also while referencing butterflies as pictured, reinforcing the connection between the butterfly effect and chaos theory.
Study 03 | GRUNGE: 
Many people have doubts about the validity of chaos theory, which is represented in this design through text and the feeling of complication. This design emphasizes a certain stigma around the ideas of chaos theory, in which many hold strong opinion on its truth.
Study 04 | COLLAGE: 
This design shows how chaos theory is based on established equations that can cause one thing to leads to another. Similar to the concepts behind the butterfly effect, a small change will impact everything around it, like the circles growing in scale as they expand outward.
Study 05 | TACTILE: 
A reference to the idea of conspiracy theory boards, while appearing chaotic, yet controlled. The darker lines surrounding the type indicate the outward effect chaos theory can have, and the white lines in the background, emphasize the idea of randomness.
Study 06 | 3D: 
Portrays the inherent meaning behind the subject words, like ‘chaos’ appearing as a scattered formation of the word and ‘theory’ appearing solid and established, similar to the topic as a whole.

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