Using the extensive collection of quotes the Brainy Quote has accumulated, bring a quote to life through animation. Using personal creativity, enhance and expand the understanding of the original quote.

The way to know life is to love many things. -Vincent Van Gogh

Going to the original quote for inspiration, the answer is in the text itself. In the more abstract topics such as life and love within the quote, a representation of these words can remain open to interpretation. By choosing a design style and creating a level of visual abstraction, all of the greatly varied audience will be able to relate and enjoy the animation in some way. 
Typography, Design, 2D Animation

- 3 Week Deadline
- Working Independently
- Flexible with media and length
Brainy Quote is a company that helps provide a wide variety of inspirational quotes to a worldwide audience, where each individual can find something meaningful and impactful to them. They needed an explainer video for a chosen quote, and I took on the challenge and created a beautiful typographic abstract piece illustrating the wise words of Vincent van Gogh. 

I wanted to explore a variety of options, ultimately going with a typographic approach that emphasized the words of the quote. This quote is personally impactful to me and are truly words I try to live by as I do my best to spread love throughout the world to live life to the fullest. This animation could be seen on a variety of platforms, hence the multiple formats, and is truly a celebration of the quote’s author, along with the inspirational words spoken.
Using a more illustrated and textural style to give visual and emotional feeling to the idea of loving a whirlwind of things in life, down to your core. ​​​​​
Proof of Concept Styleframe
Concept 01 Storyboards:
CONCEPT 02 - chosen direction
Using a type based approach with hints of collage, the audience can truly focus on the quote itself, letting it impact to the fullest.​​​​​​​
Proof of Concept Styleframe
Concept 02 Storyboards:
First Pass Blocking
Square Format

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