Apple commissioned a new music video for Zedd and Maren Morris, utilizing the FlipAClip app for dynamic, surrealist animations atop a live-action video. From style frames to full-sequence animation entirely on iPad, our team of cel animators brought this project to life. Drawing frame-by-frame over three and a half minutes, we captured Maren’s emotional journey, building energy and emotion to a crescendo in the fully-cel-animated third act.
Role: Designer, Cel Animator 
Studio: Scholar
Creative Director: Will Johnson 
Art Director: Danni Fisher-Shin
Lead: Irma Hasanic 
Chapter Leads: Madison Ellis, Zach Herdman, Amy Wallace
Managing Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll
Executive Producer: Antonio Hardy 
Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh
Sr Producer: Christina Yiallouris
Associate Producer: Nicole Gutzmann
Designers / Cel Animators: Alex Bernas, Jessica Buck, Kiron Robinson, Geo Barnett, Barbara Benas, Dennie Bright, Gerald Ding, Taik Lee, Aivy Nguyen, Lana Simanenkova, Tahj Stover, Camille Vincent, Khylin Woodrow
Flame Artist: Dae Kang
Teaser Editor: Dannette Mehalik
Telecine: Company 3
​​​​​​​Client: Apple
Artist & Track Name: Zedd & Maren Morris “Make You Say”​​​​​​​
See the full credits & project on the Scholar site.

'Make You Say' - Teaser Trailer

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