Ringling College of Art + Design’s in-house Design Center invited me and fellow motion designer Yael Bloom to work on the branding for Sarasota's PINC Week 2023. The two of us comprised the motion graphics team of PINC alongside the graphic design team, and we focused on designing and animating these opening titles. The design language and other graphic deliverables were established through this year's concept of breaking through into 3D, something that hadn't been done in years past. Our goal was to create something that felt unique and unified the green world of PINC's iconic branding. As PINC is meant to be a celebration of people, ideas, nature, and community, we made sure to celebrate these themes as our opening titles, and PINC overall, becomes multi-dimensional.
Design, Concept, & Animation: Jessica Buck, Yael Bloom
Additional Animation: Josh Young
Print & Media Design: Nickela Winfield, Alex Levielle
Music: Kelly Warner
Additional Design: Maddy Williams-Solberg
Producer: Holly Antoszewski
Production Company: RCAD Design Center
Client: PINC Experience

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